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Safe Supervision

Easy Portability & Storage

Adjustable Size

The Mamba GaGa Difference

Box icon to indicate ease of storing Mamba GaGa Ball Pit

Easy Storage & Portability

The lightweight, easy to assemble design of our pits allow them to be set-up, moved, or stored in less than 5 minutes by one average adult.

Icon showing portable Mamba GaGa Ball Pits can be for indoor or outdoor use

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Built for outdoor use. Or easily move your Mamba Gaga Ball Pit indoors to keep the action going in any weather.

Icon showing that Mamba GaGa Ball Pits are safe for kids

Safety & Easy Supervision

Active Supervision requires the ability to see children. Ours is the only Gaga Ball Pit which always allows complete visual supervision even from a distance.

Icon showing that Mamba GaGa Ball Pits are backed by warranty

5 Year Warranty

We stand behind our high-quality products! Mamba Gaga Ball Pits come with an unbeatable 5-year frame warranty.

Icon showing that Mamba GaGa Ball Pits easily adjust to different sizes

Adjustable Size

Effortlessly re-sized in seconds to satisfy older players or the youngest kids. Having the appropriate size Gaga Ball Pit is essential for engaging play.

Icon to show quality of Mamba GaGa Ball Pits

High Quality

Durable rebounding walls create fast-paced, unpredictable action, creating a more level playing field.

ADA Compliant

By simply pulling up one hinge pin and swinging a door or net panel like a gate creates a 4’ or 6’ opening with nothing on the floor or ground to maneuver over.

A GaGa pit, also know an octoball court, sits outside by school playground.
A GaGa pit, also know an octoball court, sits outside by school playground.
Net icon for Mamba GaGa Ball Pits

Extra Strong Netting

Made from UV protected, knotted #36 nylon mesh, our net panels have over a 1,000 lb. burst strength. Knotted netting is superior for direct impact sports usage, because it has a higher overall strength and durability.

Frame icon for Mamba GaGa

Commercial Grade Frames

Made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel powder-coated to withstand the elements and solid, UV protected ABS hinges with a hardness like in-line skate wheels.

Padding icon for Mamba GaGa

Serious Safety Pads

All-weather 18 oz. heavy-duty, UV protected vinyl coated padding rated for -30 deg. F cold crack resistance.

Watch How Easy Setup Is!

Our Reputation Precedes Us


From the bottom of my heart, the Mamba GaGa Pit is saving us during this very difficult time with COVID-19 rules and restrictions. GaGa Ball is the perfect activity for the energetic kids in our camp programs, especially when they cannot play other sports and games which involve too much contact. Because the Mamba GaGa Ball Pits are built to be weatherproof, we can quickly and easily spray and wipe down the equipment and balls every 10 minutes without interrupting the fun! As a bonus, during drop-off and pick-up times a "pod" of kids can sit (we call it "nesting") in the pit to keep them separate with social distancing. I am so happy we purchased this GaGa Pit!

Julie Rockowitz, Beth El Synagogue Center


"We asked our students to choose what they wanted from the proceeds of our annual fundraiser, and they overwhelmingly voted for a GaGa pit. After doing some research it was obvious that Mamba GaGa was the best product on the market, and it did not disappoint. The pit is used every day during recess and gym class. Additionally, there are GaGa tournaments and clubs. In a short time it has proven to be a great investment."

Jeff B., Marblehead Community Charter Public School


"We are using the GaGa Ball Pit in the playground at the elementary school. The game is very popular. As the PE instructor, I can move it around to the gym or other sites when I need to."

Steve T., PE Teacher, Summitview Elementary


"We have wanted to build a gaga pit of our own. We always seemed to get stuck on the weight, girth, and storage challenges. Not anymore, thanks to Mamba GaGa pits! Thank you so much for delivering such a great game in such a lightweight, durable and easy to store package!"

Dan L., Associate Pastor, Arapaho Road Baptist Church


"This pit is so easy to set up as well as move! It is exactly what we hoped for in terms of quality and playability. We are very happy this is the pit we chose!"

Emily S., Director, Camp Stonewall


"GaGa is a camper fan favorite and this GaGa pit is durable and easily moveable. It was the perfect find for our camp that wanted to store our GaGa pit inside for rainy day activities, but could easily take it outside on a sunny day. Great buy for us!"

Emily S., Senior Director of Camping, J Camps


"The game has been a hit with the students from day 1! The pit is easy to assemble, and can be used inside or outside. Our school highly recommends this product!!!"

Scott K., Principal, Wilson Elementary


"Last year we ordered an XLarge GaGa Pit. Our students love it. We are getting a second one to allow for that many more to participate."

Rachel W., CUSD/Thompson Campus


"We can't say enough good things about our Mamba GaGa Pit. It was the highlight of our YMCA Healthy Kids Day event, which attracts over 1,000 people.

YMCA of Central Kentucky


"We are an all-girls high school looking for ways to enrich our lifetime sports and activities unit. Mamba GaGa was a perfect solution. The girls love the game! The easy set-up and storage ability made it possible for us to purchase the Mamba GaGa pit."

Amy R., Ursuline Academy


EASY, FUN, PERFECT FOR ANY SIZE GROUP! This is a wonderful system! Other systems are heavy and aren't easily transportable. This one, I can throw in the back of my van and have it set up in a cinch! I can also use fewer panels to make the court smaller or use all the panels to make it bigger. I LOVE that you can see all the action from the outside. This is something you lose with a thick, plastic field. All in all, a wonderful piece of equipment!

Lt. Bree Barker, Salvation Army


Highly recommend MAMBA GAGA! Awesome Product. Great people to work with. Our students love to play Gaga Ball and get excited to see the PIT all set up. Great game for PE and out at Recess. Love the portability and easy storage. Thanks MAMBA

Derik Brooks, Banning Lewis Academy

Great Product !

The pit is a real hit for our students! As advertised, easy to put together! It’s a great product. Only problem is I may need another court.

Chad Altman, Principal, Munsey Park Elem School