GaGa Ball For K-12 Education

So Why GaGa Ball?

GaGa Ball (aka, Octoball) in K-12 Physical Education:

  • Kids Playing GaGa Ball In Classroom
    Playing GaGa Ball develops competency in motor skills and movement patterns ranging from early running and striking/volleying to complex combinations of locomotor and manipulative skills involving jumping, balancing, dribbling, and striking a ball in a highly dynamic environment.
  • Performance strategies and tactics are learned as players develop more mature patterns of movement in offensive and defensive situations. Students learn changing direction and speed in combination with varying force and direction to develop accuracy in targeting. GaGa Ball also teaches rapid transitioning between chasing and fleeing or creating and reducing space.
  • GaGa Ball is inclusive and fosters confidence in individuals to participate in physical activity. Players learn the basic rules of the game in minutes without needing to spend hours acquiring specific advanced skills such as shooting baskets or swinging a bat. Individuals who are challenged to participate in traditional sports enjoy GaGa Ball and feel athletically empowered. Players of varying athletic abilities can participate together because the playing field is “leveled” by the high degree of unpredictability of the game.
  • Promotes social behaviors among participants through involvement of others with different athletic abilities, self-refereeing, peer to peer interactions, and practicing safe and fair play.
  • Participation in GaGa Ball is engaging and challenging at practically any age, helping to maintain lifelong physical activity in both indoor and outdoor settings. The popularity of GaGa Ball is migrating from elementary schools and summer camps to college and even work campuses as players continue to enjoy the health and social interaction of the game.
  • GaGa Ball is a great way to provide continuous activity even during transition periods because a participant entering or leaving the action doesn’t interrupt the play. Those who are “out” remain engaged, with only brief waiting periods until a new game begins. These brief times can be used for stretching or other activities as well.
  • Ideal activity to engage individuals with short attention spans and ADD/ADHD challenges.

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