Jeff Barry
Marblehead Community Charter Public School

"We asked our students to choose what they wanted from the proceeds of our annual fundraiser, and they overwhelmingly voted for a GaGa pit. After doing some research it was obvious that Mamba GaGa was the best product on the market, and it did not disappoint. The pit is used every day during recess and gym class. Additionally, there are GaGa tournaments and clubs. In a short time it has proven to be a great investment."

Emily Shafer
Director Camp Stonewall

"FANTASTIC! This pit is so easy to set up as well as move! It is exactly what we hoped for in terms of quality and playability. We are very happy this is the pit we chose!"

Kevin Furniss
Harvest Church

"Mamba GaGa is awesome. They were great to work with and quick to answer any question that I had. We ordered a Large Pit, and it arrived in the exact time frame I was quoted. Our kids at church loved it so much that we called back and ordered another Extra Large Pit. We use it every week and never had a problem. I would highly recommend Mamba Gaga!!"

Emily Stern
Senior Director of Camping, JCamps / Rosenbloom JCC

"At J Camps we love the Mamba GaGa pit! GaGa is a camper fan favorite and this GaGa pit is durable and easily moveable. It was the perfect find for our camp that wanted to store our GaGa pit inside for rainy day activities, but could easily take it outside on a sunny day. Great buy for us!"

Janis Totty
PE Teacher, Jackson Street Elementary

"Thank You So Much for being so FANTASTIC to work with. We LOVE the new pit!"

Lt. Bree Barker
Salvation Army

"EASY, FUN, PERFECT FOR ANY SIZE GROUP! This is a wonderful system! Other systems are heavy and aren't easily transportable. This one, I can throw in the back of my van and have it set up in a cinch! I can also use fewer panels to make the court smaller or use all the panels to make it bigger. I LOVE that you can see all the action from the outside. This is something you lose with a thick, plastic field. All in all, a wonderful piece of equipment!"

Erin Devor
Principal, Lincoln Middle School

"The Lincoln Middle School Parent Teacher Organization purchased a Mamba GaGa Pit this past summer for our 6th through 8th grade students. The GaGa Pit has been a huge hit at our school. We set it up for our students to utilize during lunch recess time. Students get excited to see it set up. The enthusiasm and interest of GaGa has continued to grow. It is a fun game for all."

Frederick Gunzel
Program DirectorSamuel Field Y

"Thank You!!! I'm super excited for camp and your GaGa pits really made our kids camp experience so much better. They were the hit of last year and one of the most anticipated activities for the coming summer."

YMCA of Central Kentucky

"We can't say enough good things about our Mamba GaGa Pit. It was the highlight of our YMCA Healthy Kids Day event, which attracts over 1,000 people to come out and be active. Kids loved it, parents love it, and even our community volunteers supervising it loved how active and engaged it kept the kids. We can't wait to take it to other community events and our summer camps!"

Mike Wynne
New Horizons Day Camp

"We love our Mamba GaGa kit at New Horizons Day Camp! We have had it for over four summers now, and it's still in perfect condition. It's extremely durable, portable, and easy to setup. The campers have a blast using it, and we're 100% satisfied -- awesome addition to camp!"

Amy Rieman
Ursuline Academy

"We are an all-girls high school looking for ways to enrich our lifetime sports and activities unit. Mamba GaGa was a perfect solution. The girls love the game! The easy set-up and storage ability made it possible for us to purchase the Mamba GaGa pit."

Ellison Baker
Kiawah Island Club

"We purchased our first mamba gaga ball pit this year and we couldn’t be happier!! It made it through a busy summer at our Beach Club facility. We stored it under our pool deck and had it out in the sun almost every day. It is so easy to put together and store when we are not using it. We plan to purchase a second one for another location!"

Dan Liles
Assoc. Pastor, Arapaho Road Baptist Church

"We have wanted to build a gaga pit of our own. We always seemed to get stuck on the weight, girth, and storage challenges. Not anymore, thanks to Mamba GaGa pits! Thank you so much for delivering such a greate game in such a lightweight, durable and easy to store package!"

Carrie Sakin
JCC Rockland

"Our new GaGa pit was the best purchase of the summer! We used it indoors and out! The product is extremely well made and durable; a must for every camp!"

Scott Keena
Principal, Wilson Elementary

"The game has been a hit with the students from day 1! The pit is easy to assemble, and can be used inside or outside. Our school highly recommends this product!!!"

Rushi Patel
City of Wylie Parks & Rec Dept

"The Mamba Gaga Pit is perfect for our recreation center. Its so easy to set up and the kids love it."

Angela Brown
Repeat Customer, Mirman School

"So glad we purchased it. I had no idea how much of a hit this would be on our campus."

Charlene S.
Residential Customer, College Station, TX

"Smash ball pit is great quality! The hardest part of the assembly was uncrating it it! So easy. We have ours in our yard and it is a neighborhood hit. So glad we got it! Awesome customer service too!"

Scott Lantzman
Collins School PTA

"Great product. As a camp director we purchased a Mamba GaGa Pit. It was so easy to work with that I suggested it for my child's school. Love it."

Steve Tanner
PE Instructor, Summitview Elementary School

"We are using the Ga Ga ball pit in the playground at the elementary school. The game is very popular. As the PE instructor, I can move it around to the gym or other sites when I need to."

Anonymous Church
May 20, 2016

"One of the best investments I've made for the student ministry. They use it every week."

Gym Teacher
New York Public School

"What an addition to our school! We used it a Ton outside and inside"

Jessica Pendleton
Franklin County Public Schools

"All of the PE teachers love the new GaGa Pit! Transporting to and from schools is so much easier now. The PE teachers have asked for more..."

Cathy Dipierro
Howard C. Johnson Elementary School PTO

"Our kids have been enjoying their Mamba GaGa Pit immensely!"

Martha K.
Whitsett, NC

"It's a great product - wonderful for After School programs!"

May 8, 2019

"This pit is so easy to set up and move! It is exactly what our school wanted. We are very happy that we chose this pit!"

Kylie Langer
CTRS, Cherry Gulch

"Our therapeutic boarding school for adolescent boys has found the gaga ball game to be fun to play, easy to learn and inclusive for the wide range of ages and ability levels that we have here at Cherry Gulch. As the boys join in and play the game together, they learn the social skills that allow them to interact in a positive way with their peers, they learn how to have integrity in self-refereeing during play and many find an increase in their confidence as they go out of their comfort zone to try something new and learn a new skill. Our wide range of athleticism amongst our boys hasn't been a problem now that we have the gaga ball game. Each of the boys can join in without feeling inferior to their peers who may have more experience in sports such as basketball or football. Everyone is on an equal playing field and everyone has the chance to be great, no matter their size, age or previous athletic experience. As a Recreation Therapist, I have seen the many therapeutic implications of this game as well as the health benefits for the mind and body and recommend it to any school or program that is looking for a great new way to engage their students!"

Derik Brooks
PE Teacher, Banning Lewis Academy

Highly recommend MAMBA GAGA! Awesome Product. Great people to work with. Our students love to play Gaga Ball and get excited to see the PIT all set up. Great game for PE and out at Recess. Love the portability and easy storage. Thanks MAMBA

Jessica Pendleton
Admin Assistant, Franklin County Public Schools

"All of the PE teachers love the new Gaga Pit. Transporting to and from schools is so much easier now. The PE teachers have asked for more they like it so much."