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Mamba GaGa Ball Pits Meet ADA Standards for Accessibility

Mamba GaGa Ball Pits are designed with accessibility in mind, which aligns them with ADA standards. One of the critical features that allows for ADA compliance is the ability to create a 4' or 6' opening by simply pulling up one hinge pin and swinging a door or net panel like a gate. This design allows for an opening with nothing on the floor or ground to maneuver over, making it accessible for wheelchairs. Moreover, the door panels being 48" wide and quickly swung open further supports wheelchair accessibility, as this width is sufficient for a standard wheelchair to pass through.

Mamba GaGa Ball Pits are also highlighted for their safety and flexibility. The netted panels provide an unobstructed visual line-of-sight, an important safety feature, especially in contexts where accessibility and inclusion are essential. The ball pits are also portable and easy to store, making them versatile for various settings, including schools, camps, and recreational areas.