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Allied States Cooperative / ESC-Region 19 Purchasing

We are delighted to announce that Mamba GaGa, LLC is an approved vendor with the Allied States Cooperative ESC-Region 19 Purchasing. This accreditation signifies our commitment to excellence and compliance with stringent procurement standards. As an approved vendor, we are pre-qualified for EDGAR funds, ensuring a streamlined and trustworthy process for our clients. We are equipped to collaborate directly with customers or through the Allied States Cooperative framework, offering flexible and efficient service options to meet your unique needs. Our partnership with ESC-Region 19 Purchasing underscores our dedication to providing high-quality products and services to educational and governmental institutions.

The Allied States Cooperative, also known as ESC-Region 19 Purchasing, is a national governmental purchasing cooperative in the United States. It operates by competitively bidding and awarding contracts to local, regional, and national vendors. This is done in compliance with local, state, and federal procurement laws and regulations.

The cooperative's contracts are available to members, including public schools, charter schools, private schools, community colleges, universities, cities, counties, other governmental agencies, and non-profits. Members of the cooperative are not charged fees and can directly deal with vendors to obtain goods and services at competitively bid prices.