GaGa Ball with Social Distancing

Social Distancing Spaces in GaGa Ball Pit

As with all of our activities, COVID-19 has altered how we act and interact with others. It has been a challenge for caregivers to keep kids active, social and safe with the ever changing environment. In an effort to help our existing customers with utilizing their gaga pits during the new Social Distancing requirements, we are sharing changes to the traditional gaga rules and pictures of how our gaga pits are being modified to keep the game and fun going in your kids lives. We are grateful that our customers are willing to share their ideas. I hope this is helpful....

GaGa Rules with Social Distancing Measures Included:

  • Players are assigned a quadrant in the gaga pit (see picture above). Any player that is outside their assigned area or touches the walls of the gaga pit, is out.
  • Players start inside the GaGa pit near a side wall.
  • One player throws the gaga ball up in the air towards the middle of the pit. On each of the first two bounces, players yell “Ga” as the ball hits the ground, then it is in play for anyone to hit (“Ga-Ga-Go”).
  • Players can hit the ball with one hand, but cannot pick it up and throw it.
  • If the ball touches a player anywhere on or below the knee, that player is eliminated. This is regardless of who touched the ball last - sometimes a player gets themselves out by mistake!
  • A player cannot touch the ball two times in a row – the ball must first touch another player or the pit wall or it is called a “double touch” and that player is out. Note that players can "dribble" the ball off the wall as many times as they want to setup their next shot as long as it touches the wall each time.
  • Players may not kick the ball since this means touching the ball below the knee.
  • If the ball is hit out of the pit, then the last player to touch the ball is out.
  • Players who are out must leave the GaGa pit immediately. The last player out is the winner and gets to start the next game. (If it seems to be taking too long for the last two players to end the game, the players waiting outside the pit can count down from 20 to end the game in a tie).


GaGa Variations with Social Distancing

Mayhem GaGa with Social Distancing

  • See GaGa Rules above, assign quadrants to players (see picture above).
  • Use up to 4 balls for this game (different colored balls work best to help keep track of “double touches”). Players may not see it coming!

Team GaGa with Social Distancing

  • See GaGa Rules above, assign quadrants to players (see picture above).
  • Assign alternating quadrants to teams.
  • When a player is out assign a replacement player from the same team to enter.
  • Winner eliminates a team.

Defender GaGa with Social Distancing

  • See GaGa Rules above, assign quadrants to players (see picture above).
  • Each player picks a wall panel to defend from being hit by the others, like a goal keeper would.
  • Keep score by number of hits and high score loses!


Remember adding Goal Panels to your Mamba GaGa Pit can create so many options for your gaga pit to stay active!

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